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Nike pimp

24. World’s Hottest Magician Makes His Clothes Disappear On Stage

23. WATCH: Kid’s Priceless Reaction to Meeting a Gay Couple for the First Time

22. Caught On Tape: Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

Dramatic footage of a brave cat saving a young boy from a vicious dog attack. The video shows the boy slowly riding his bike near his home in Bakersfield, California, when a neighbor’s dog runs around a nearby car, drags the boy off the bike with his teeth and starts spinning the child around. Thankfully, the attack is cut short by a brave cat, who hurls herself into the fight, forces the dog off the bike, and chases him away. The good news here is that the kid is OK. But the video is definitely hard to watch!

21. A Real-Life Message in a Bottle Found on Waikiki Beach

20. Lei Day is May Day in Hawaii

19. Pimp Sues Nike For Not Labeling Shoes ‘Dangerous’

A pimp brutally beat’s a man with his Nike Jordan shoes and now is suing Nike. Sirgiorgiro Clardy claims Nike should have placed a label in his Jordan shoes warning that they could be used as a dangerous weapon. He repeatedly stomped the face of a…read more.>

18. An Interesting Hawaiian Legend Of Pele & The Warrior

17. How Our World Would Look If You Were A Bird

16. Glass Gem, The Multi-colored Corn Variety

It’s a multi-colored heirloom corn with its origin traced back to, a part-Cherokee man, now in his 80’s, living in Oklahoma. He was an expert at selecting and saving seed from corn cobs that exhibited vivid translucent colors – and Glass Gem was born!  No GMO; just years of carefully selecting the best colored corn seeds. read more.>

15. Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, England

Fountains Abbey is one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. The ruins of the great Cistercian abbey of Fountains lie in the valley of the river Skell,west of Ripon.

The foundation of Fountains was not planned. It was the outcome of an unforeseen chain of events in the early 1130s that forced a group of reform-minded monks of the Benedictine abbey of St Mary’s, York, to flee their house in search of a purer form of monastic life. read more.>

14. Little Dancing Naked Man Orchid

Orchis Italica aka Naked Man Orchid. A very odd looking flower – the petals are the shape of seemingly naked little men. Some petals even look like they have faces on them. Like, share, comment and tag here.>

Photo Credit: danoah.com

13. Ethiopian Welo Opal. New gem found, looks like the ocean in rock.

Like, share, comment and tag here.>

Photo Credit: factspod

12. The Blue Lake, Russia

The Blue Lake, Russia has no visible stream running to or away from it. The lake is fed by a series of underwater caverns and passages. High levels of hydrogen sulfide give the lake a bright, glowing blue coloring. Due to the series of underwater caves, it’s difficult even for scientists to tell what actually constitutes the floor of the lake. Photo Credit: News.nster.com Like, share, comment and tag here.>

11. The Blood Pond Hot Spring, Beppu, Japan

This hot spring is located in Beppu, Japan and is one of the nine springs that are more for your viewing pleasure than bathing. The waters of the Blood Pond Hot Spring are so rich in iron that the water has turned red. Like, share, comment and tag here.>

10. Corpse Flower, Titan Arum, Flower Bloom

The Corpse Flower is known for its odd, rotting flesh smell. It’s one of thelargest, rarest and most impressive flowers in nature. It only blooms every six to 10 years. Like, share, comment and tag here.>

9. The Ramen Burger

The latest food craze: It’s a food creation from two different cultures; a tasty example of east meets west. It’s called the ramen burger — a hamburger patty with a bun made from fried noodles. Would you eat this? Like, share, comment and tag here.>

8. Black Swan

A black swan feeds its fish friends every day to the amazement of passers by.The swan picks up the feed and takes it to the mouths of the waiting fish.They became close friends after 3 years of playing together. Any thoughts? Like, share, comment and tag here.>

7. Kīlauea

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, established in 1916, is a United States National Park located in the U.S. State of Hawaii on the island of Hawaii. It encompasses two active volcanoes: Kīlauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and Mauna Loa, the world’s most massive volcano. Like, share, comment and tag here.>

6. Vincent Van Gogh Painting

A long-lost Vincent van Gogh painting that had been brushed off as a fake has been authenticated as a 1888 masterpiece. “Sunset at Montmajour” depicts a dry landscape of oak trees, bushes and sky, painted with Van Gogh’s familiar thick brush strokes. Like, share, comment and tag here.> Source: Daily News

5. The Wat Sanpran Dragon Temple

Dragon climbs wat! วัดสามพรานพุทโธ นครปฐม, Thailand

17 story building dragon extends from the ground to the roof. The dragon is hollow and can walk in it, but the top of the building is usually inaccessible. The temple grounds are quite large the have many… read more.>

4. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. This gorgeous canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, mainly due to… read more.>

Photo Credit: amazingplacesonplanet.com

3. Thorn Bug (Umbonia Spinosa)

These thorn bugs are related to cicadas, and use their beaks to pierce plant stems to feed upon their sap. What do you think of the strange bug? Like, share, comment and tag here.>

2. Giant Gastropod Egg Capsules

Giant Gastropod egg capsules of Adelomelon brasiliana on the beach of a lagoon, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Adelomelon brasiliana is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Volutidae. What do you think? Like, share, comment and tag here.>

1. The Shoe House – South Africa

The South African shoe house, in Mpumalanga Province was built in 1990 by entrepreneur and artist Ron Van Zyl, is one of the many shoe-shaped houses in the world. The interior and architecture is a museum of rock and wood carvings made by Van Zyl himself. The Shoe is part of a bigger project, which includes a camp site and a chalet guest house, a restaurant, a bar, a pool and a shop. Like, share, comment and tag here.>

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